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Since 1998, our engineering consultancy firm has offered the service of its professional team and efficient tools to provide you with the entire technicality, quality, and attentiveness that your ambitions require.

Attentive and responsive to the technical changes imposed by our business, we daily meet the challenges of quality and innovation to carry out your projects.

SYNCHRONE Ingénierie is committed to providing customized solutions adapted to the current environmental, technical and economic stakes of the sector.

What is our mission ?

Engineering Design Consultants
& Technical Project Managers

Our mission as engineering consultants and technical contractors is to ensure the design, study, and organization of the various technical aspects of a building:


Technical Advisors

SYNCHRONE Ingénierie assists project owners in the definition of their projects as well as the main contractors in their design and execution missions:


Where do we work ?

Gathering numerous complementary skills, our multidisciplinary team aims to provide you with customized solutions to realize your projects in an innovative and efficient manner.

Thanks to our strong experience and good knowledge of the construction business, we are able to work with you on various sectors and activities, ranging from office buildings and houses to hotels, stores, logistic hubs, data centers, etc.

pictertiaireOffice buildings

picscoRetail areas



Who are we ?

Engineering Design Consultancy – Technical Project Management – Client Technical Advisory

Since its creation, SYNCHRONE Ingénierie has been able to fully satisfy its clients throughout the years.

At SYNCHRONE Ingénierie, we care about bringing you the best technical assistance while ensuring the quality of our service. Such values remain the cornerstone of our development for the years to come.

Multidisciplinary specialists integrated the team in 2007, marking the launch of a new management to better meet the growing challenges of our business’ environmental, technical, and economic factors.

Nowadays, SYNCHRONE Ingénierie team aims to be attentive and responsive to the technical development of the sector, allowing us to provide you with a solution adapted to your needs while observing the social, normative, and financial constraints of your project.robot-arrier

Looking forward to working with you (again) !

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Do no hesitate to get back to us for more details on our current and previous missions, or any further information you might require !



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